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Ensuring your computer equipment is in good working order is something you should do on a regular basis regardless of if you are an individual or an organization. Having an in depth examination of your Laptop or computer is not any different from getting your car serviced and our private investigators at Private Detectives Essex will be able to carry out this service for you.

Our Laptop and PC forensic team offer security and investigations services for both business and personal customers. If we find anything untoward we will remove it, at our private investigator agency we can check your machine for any spyware that could have been downloaded onto you device.

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If you are looking for a private eye agency and don't know where or how to begin your search you have come to the right place. Essex Private Detective, located in Essex United Kingdom, is one of the top quality private detective agencies you will ever find in the United Kingdom. We are known for our delicacy, determination, and hard work we present to our clients. We are also number one when it comes to solving our cases while staying on top of the latest technologies. Over the years of being able to offer our services to local clients, we have managed to gain the trust of over thousands of clients. As private detectives, we were able to successfully complete tons of cases some of which involved solving a theft mystery, employee monitoring, nanny monitoring, and many more. Our most commonly used method is PC Forensics and is usually requested by those who own a business. However, there are some people who come to us because a virus has been accidentally downloaded to their personal computer. A most recent case, involved a man who was very angry because he accidentally downloaded a virus onto his laptop when he opened an email. As a result to opening the email and downloading the virus his computer became useless.

PC Forensics in Essex

A man came to us very frustrated with himself for downloading the virus and hired us to get the virus off his laptop. After spending the day locating the virus, we were able to remove and destroy the virus. Upon completing this task, the laptop operated as if it were brand new. Just like this cases, the others we completed are as successful as this one. We always ensure our clients that they will get the closure they deserve in an orderly fashion, even if we have to take more time in a day to gather enough evidence to get to the source of the problem. Essex Private Detective agency, never wastes time when dealing with clients, we understand that time is precious and there are other things in live that one could be tending to. However, we would not be able to deliver such information to our clients in a timely fashion if it weren't for our high quality technologies as well as our up to date knowledge which helps us utilize our technologies accurately and effectively. We would not be able to get down to the nitty gritty without the help of our clients as well due to the fact that they carry the information we need in order to provide the best closure.

When it comes to the field private eye agents, we know what it takes to get the job done accurately and on time. We understand our clients' needs and desires which makes our job quite easy. Throughout the years of services we have been able to build a strong and solid foundation for our clients and detectives. This strong foundation helps us maintain our well-known loyalty as well as dedication. With that being said, no other company can compare to that.