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If you are in a tight spot because you have smashed your work phone into pieces, our phone forensic services are second to none especially at helping you with this kind of problem. When this particular issue comes about it might be you are not any longer able to fully utilize your phone. At Private Detectives Essex it can be entirely possible that our private investigators are able to recover the info on the phone.

Our mobile phone forensic staff can assist you with many different troubles that you may be having with the phone and that involves forensically testing your cell phone for bugs, spyware and viruses or anything else which might be preventing use of the phone effectively both at home and at your workplace.

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Essex Private Detective agency is located in Essex, United Kingdom and has been around for a very long time. We have enabled ourselves, as a business, to build a solid foundation for our clients which allow them to come to us in need without having any doubts. We are hard working private eye agents who do whatever it takes to complete a task in a timely fashion. Our team of private investigator detectives will never steer their clients or any of their employees in the wrong direction. Throughout our years of hard work and dedication, we have aimed to build a business based off trust and loyalty while continuing our journey as private eye agents. As we continue on for many years, our goal will always be getting the closure our client deserves within the time frame our client expects. This will not only give them time to tend to other important things in their life, but will give them the closure they deserve in order to get the process of court or whatever the case may be started. When it comes to comparing our company with any other company, within the same industry, we always seem to be the number one company in the country.

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One of the most recent investigations involved a mom who needed to know about her son's well-being for the reason she felt he was being bullied. The women said she visited the boy's school and conversation with his teachers to see if they have noticed anything strange. The teachers told here nothing was going on and tried to reassure her that the boy was OK. However, she felt like there was something going on and she wanted to get down to the source as soon as possible. One day the young man left his phone so he took it upon herself to look through it to see if she could find anything. After trying the phone lock cod twice, she decided not to try a third as it would lock up the phone. As a result, the women came to our team of professional private eye agents to solve this case. Our client brought in the boy's phone, after leaving it at home while heading off to work, to see what was going on. We retrieved the phone and downloaded parental monitoring software onto it. Mom was able to able to see what activities were taken place on the phone. After three days of monitoring she found he was being bullied by a cyber bully.

This was one of many investigations complete successfully. As stated before, no other company cannot compare to the operations of our company for the simple fact that we stay on top of the latest technologies as well as knowledge. So if you are in need of a professional team of private eye detectives and are in the Essex United Kingdom area, stop by Private Detectives Essex you will get the answers you are yearning for.